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In today's complex financial and business world, everyone needs reliable, professional accountancy and taxation help managing their personal and business finances.
All Companies, Partnership Firms, Individuals have to file tax returns every year. Our Tax specialists assist corporates, individuals and organizations in understanding the tax regime in India and in drawing up an appropriate tax strategy for tax management. Complying with Tax Laws is critical to businesses enterprises as non-compliance not only increases financial risk in terms of penalties and possible increase in tax incidence but also serious business risk in terms of damage to the reputation in the eyes of tax authorities and general public.
Not only it is necessary to ensure that everything is accounted for in compliance with the various statutory requirements, it is also important to make the most of every opportunity to maximize your income and minimize your Tax Liability by claiming various exemptions & deductions.
Tax seems to be taking an ever-increasing slice of the nation's income.

Our Taxation service includes a wider range of services provided to individuals of different backgrounds as per their requirements:-

We provide the following Income Tax Services:

• Tax Management Services, advisory services to minimize and manage tax liability under Indian Tax Laws
• Calculation of Advance Taxes
• Filing of returns of Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Tax Deducted at Source(TDS)
• Representation before Tax Authorities for Assessments, Appeals, Search & Seizure Cases
• Employee Tax Management and Salary Structure Designing Services
• Follow up income tax refunds
• Rectification & revision of income tax orders
• Consultancy in TDS matters
• No TDS/ TCS Certificate.
• Registration of trust for charitable purposes
• Obtaining advance Ruling
• Other Compliances as per Income Tax Act.

As accountants and tax consultants our role includes not only preparing financial statements and tax returns but also working with you to ensure that both the periodic taxes and the taxes out of income are at the lowest possible level and are duly paid on time. This is one of the way to retain the biggest slice of your wealth to spend or save.

We can help you in:-

• making the most of tax-free opportunities
• Keeping tax rates as low as possible across the family
• developing a plan for tax-efficient profit extraction
• keeping business taxes to a minimum
• minimising the tax on the sale/merger/de-merger/acquisition of your business
• a tax-efficient remuneration package
• reducing the cost of company cars and electronic equipments
• Identifying tax-efficient savings Schemes
• reducing the tax on your estate
• planning to reduce capital gains tax

APVAT / Goods and Service Tax:

Value added tax (VAT), or goods and services tax (GST), is a tax on exchanges. It is levied on the added value that results from each exchange for example sales. However it is different from the sales tax because a sales tax is levied on the total value of the exchange. VAT is neutral with respect to the number of passages that there are between the producer and the final consumer. A VAT is an indirect tax and is collected from someone other than the person who actually bears the cost of the tax. The customer pays for it but is collected from the seller. To avoid double taxation on final consumption, exports (which by definition, are consumed abroad) are usually not subject to VAT and VAT charged under such circumstances is usually refundable.
Value Added Tax is a multi point sales tax with set off for tax paid on purchases. It is basically a tax on the value addition on the product. The burden of tax is ultimately born by the consumer of goods. In many aspects it is equivalent to last point sales tax. It can also be called as a multi point sales tax levied as a proportion of Valued Added

• Registration of Enterprise under APVat Act & Central Sales Tax Act and obtaining certificate of that.
• Modification in existing APVAT registration certificate.
• Providing consultancy on Central Sales Tax matter & levy of Sales Tax/APVAT
• Any other matter incidental thereto.
• Calculation of Taxable turnover & Tax thereon on monthly/ quarterly / half yearly basis.
• Deposition of Central Sales Tax / APVAT with appropriate Govt. Department on timely basis.
• Filing of CST / VAT return on timely basis with Govt. Department.
• Issuance of necessary forms from time to time.
• Filing of Other documents/ Misc forms with the Govt Department on time to time basis.
• Drafting appeals & submissions.
• Appearances & arguments before adjudication & appellate authorities.


Since the introduction of Service Tax, the scope of the same has increased considerably from year to year. The share of Service Tax in the total tax collection of the government has also increased substantially. Compliance with Service Tax has also increased in quantum and complexity since its introduction. We provide expert services for compliance with Service Tax Law the details of which are given below:
• Providing consultancy on Service Tax matter & levy of service Tax.
• Registration of Enterprise under service Tax rules and obtaining certificate of that.
• Modification in existing service tax registration certificate.
• Calculation of Taxable Turnover & Tax thereon on monthly/ quarterly / half yearly basis.
• Deposition of Service Tax with appropriate Govt. Department on timely basis.
• Filing of Service Tax return on timely basis with Govt. Department.
• Drafting appeals & submissions.
• Appearances & arguments before adjudication & appellate authorities.
• Any other matter incidental thereto.


The Income Tax Act 1961 (the Act) has been amended with effect from 1st October 2009 to provide that any gift-in-kind
– >>
A new provision relating to tax deduction at source (TDS) under the Income Tax Act

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Income Tax Rates for Individuals, HUF for the A Y 2010-2011
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